5 Lethal Questions For Statists

The following questions were extracted from this video

1) Are there any means by which X amount of individuals can delegate to another the moral right to do something which none of the X amount of individuals have the moral right to do themselves? (EXAMPLE)

2) Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral right to do something which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?

3) Is there any process (e.g., constitutions, elections, legislation) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act itself)?

4) When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion and force in the name of law and government, do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would if they did the same thing on their own?

5) When there is a conflict between an individual’s own moral conscience, and the commands of a political authority, is that individual morally obligated to do what he personally views as wrong in order to “obey the law”?

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