“Holidays are a mechanism of slavery…”

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I would like to wish all the statists a Merry Christmas. Now, let’s talk about your New Year’s resolution…

I would like to remind statists and anarchists alike that all holidays are a mechanism of slavery. Please consider this and avoid allowing yourself to persist as a victim of uniform behavior and mind control.

ⒶMP3083 > BastardChris
Right? People seem to be more giving on b-days and Christmas, but this seems to suggest that the “holiday” is compelling them to behave in that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying these people are not nice, I just don’t see this kind of giving coming from a sincere place in the heart. Am I alone in this?

BastardChris > ⒶMP3083
If “war” is the health of the “state”, holidays are it’s futile attempt to maintain it’s health.

That’s exactly the thing. Uniform behavior control. If you want to give nice things to your friends, try to do it non-uniformly. Pick your own day. Make your own meaning.

Bullseye! The day I’d pick is when I genuinely feel like it.

Indeed! I don’t do birthdays (technically birth-anniversaries) nor holidays. The birth anniversary is a good example. There are expectations and other things that deter from expressing care and love through giving. Doing it when you feel like it allows for the genuine experience of giving and receiving!

There’s more to slavery and holidays than behavior control. Considering they are passed down from daddy government, it gives the slaves the impression that the master is benevolent and good. And in latter stages of slavery like we’re in, the slaves don’t even realize they’re slaves. A holiday is like liberty. It’s not freedom. It’s granted by the master.

Yes! But imagine that, in the kind of culture we live in. “I’ll do it when I feel like it.” This would likely be taken the wrong way.

It would be taken the wrong by a lot of people. Many people would say “that’s selfish”. And perhaps even say things like how it may be bad to withhold traditions, etc. It would take someone understanding the difference between welfare and charity (or similar concept) to fathom that compulsory giving is not giving at all and the experience of giving and receiving cannot be had in such a circumstance.

Holidays are also a method for holding the proletariat down. Some would choose not to take the holiday off to get ahead but are stuck at a pace that the men and women operating under duress as a “corporation” are allowed to operate.

This topic is no different than the statist vs. anarchist debate. We’re talking about something that rails against the cultural modality. It’s actually mind-blowing if one were seek careful attention to the topic.

Well it’s certainly statist related. I’d say the “vs-anarchists” is relevant because many anarchist are unaware of what holidays are in the bigger picture and why daddy government implements them.

Yeah, that’s true. There are other topics within culture/society to explore and try to see the bigger picture for what it truly is. The thing is beyond just government.

It’s definitely culture. The state is the cult and it’s priests inject the holidays upon “it’s” subjects.


Well I guess we’d have to be picky with terminology. I’d say it’s slavery related. Government isn’t always slavery (self-government being the one and only exception). But statism is always slavery.

I agree, man! This discussion reminds me of asking you guys what your definition of culture is, and my inspiration for this curiousity comes from a McKenna video at my channel that seems to be getting a lot of attention lately — it’s titled “Culture Is A Plot To Keep You Childish”. I see a lot of people in the comment section seems to think McKenna is talking about the outer layer of culture, like lifestyles, food, clothing, etc. That’s surface level view of culture. What McKenna is talking about is what we’ve been talking about — slavery.

Clearly, many of those people don’t have the knowledge or wisdom to get past the outer layer.

I stepped a way for a minute. I can’t say that I have an elaborate and refined definition for culture, but I do absolutely associate the term with cults and the oppression of the young(er). Which essentially, an adult—a true grown adult—would never oppress anyone. Therefore, culture is almost like the crabs in a bucket phenomenon with the consideration that escaping the bucket would be synonymous with growing up .

The other thing I associate culture with is cultivation. Which somewhat confuses the concept of growing into a (true) adult. I think this might be the easiest way for people with the popular phantasm for “culture” to realize that they are being cultivated (manipulated is the more accurate word) for the benefit of the master (but they are conditioned to accept their cultivation as a benefit to the collective).

A fellow that comprehends veganism might comprehend this. (Some?) Plants have the ability to deliberately adapt to circumstances. Trees have the ability to fathom new breeding strategies that include avoiding incest! This isn’t a joke. Now, consider “cultivation” of a crop by a farmer. Is it for the plants’ benefit or for the farmer’s (master’s) benefit?

bbblackwell > BastardChris & ⒶMP3083
Brilliant convo on the concept of “special days”. I’m in full agreement. I’d also add that it enforces a time-bound state of consciousness; another critical aspect of the control system. It’s just one more way of creating undue external obligation… One that strikes at the very foundation of one’s worldview.

Speaking of “special days”, how many of you “have to” conform with your family on Christmas or New Years? Sure, you can respectfully refuse but many of them are culturally unified and they probably wouldn’t understand your refusal to join in. So, you might “have to” just to avoid the judgments or possibly shunning.

Interesting you mention that. I’m sure it varies for everyone. The statists around me know I don’t participate in holidays, and this year I was presented with a book called “Skipping Christmas” by Grisham and another book “Politically Correct Holidays Stories” by Garner. Seems relevant to the “cultural” demand for muh xmas.

Did any of them ask you why you don’t participate?

Not this calendar cycle. It’s known that I don’t participate but I can’t recall introducing it to them. It’s not like Grisham proclaims in his fictional book. And Christmas itself is perceived by many as a religious holiday so I’ll bet the perceptions of non-participation in the “Christmas” tradition are merely fathomed as non-belief.

What most can’t fathom is the attempt, pursuit, concept of trying to make every day special and unique for your own reasons (including considerations of others).

bbblackwell > ⒶMP3083
I participate in getting together, which I enjoy, but not in the gifts and cards. The exception is my kids, who we buy presents for, since they were raised on it for a number of years. I’m thinking of cutting it off at 16, or 18 at the latest.

I have much to say about every aspect of this, including the above scenario, but it would be burdensome to do so here. My wife is not an alternative thinker at all, so I help her with holidays until I can’t bear to, just as with anything else.

The price for that aid is my incessant prodding toward a new paradigm and the occasional line-in-the-sand, which she will typically abide with grace, employing well-honed powers of ignorance.

The family is planning on a dinner together for New Years. I was invited to join and so I accepted. I prefer spending time alone on that night but it’s no big deal so, whatever…

bbblackwell > ⒶMP3083
New Year’s is my most despised holiday of them all. I like the song, though.

BastardChris > bbblackwell
Care to elaborate your despise? I find it interesting how we can reificate the calendar as if it’s somehow right, accurate, and real.

BastardChris > ⒶMP3083
I don’t consider taking the opportunity for family to be participating in the holiday. Some action observing the “holiday” is needed. Like returning a “Happy New Year” greeting, or making “New Years Resolutions”, etc.

bbblackwell > BastardChris
Like what you said, it’s a holiday based on a completely fictitious model; one that’s not even important in any way. Every day is a year away from its last occurrence, so what’s so special about this one? Cuz a number changed in the “year” field? WTF

But the cultural aspect really pours salt in the wound. A bunch of morons standing outside in the cold for 12 hours to see a light bulb slide down a pole; the inanity of that TV show, with its hosts making asinine conversation, and people dancing to braindead pop music with no message worth a damn; the significance placed on kissing someone at midnight…

And no matter how many times I say I hate New Year’s, my mother superstitiously insists on wishing me well at 12 o’clock, wherever she is in the world; emotionally coercing me into knowing what time it is.

BastardChris > bbblackwell
Thanks for the elaboration. That’s unfortunate with your mother. But seems like a sign of misunderstanding. I’d imagine a parents perception could vary, from feeling like they’ve failed to seeking affirmation/conversion.

bbblackwell > BastardChris
She’s just sentimental and doesn’t like change. It’s a minor concession to grant an irrational request to a person who has incessantly loved and aided me my entire life.

Relevant to both my mother and statists is the personality trait of resisting the truth because they don’t want the world to be how it really is. They don’t want to let go of the dream we’ve all been sold and face up to the fact that it was all just a facade to cover up a soul farm.

I wouldn’t call her a statist, per se, and part of her gets it, but all she really wants is for us to be happy and things to be simple like they were before I started rocking the boat (or throwing up icebergs, really).

…And you knew who you were then… goyles were goyles and men were men…” —The Bunkers

It’s a desire for simplicity and that good ol’ false sense of security. Life was about friends, and TV, and pretty baubles, and greeting cards… They don’t want to hear a new song…

”There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from…You could run but you can’t hide forever, from these streets that we done took…You walkin with’ your head down scared to look…” —Mobb Deep

ⒶMP3083 > bbblackwell
“New Year’s is my most despised holiday of them all.”

I remember you said that last year. Is that when your dog goes crazy over the fire works?

“but all she really wants is for us to be happy and things to be simple like they were before I started rocking the boat (or throwing up icebergs, really).”

Honestly, this sounds like my dad too. The guy seems extremely sheltered. My view of these boomers is that they live in their bubble. Technologically, they’re living in the present, but psychologically they still live in their generation.

bbblackwell > ⒶMP3083
It’s a danger we all must be on-guard against as we age.

No, my dog suffers most on the fourth of July, which if not for the utter hypocrisy, would be one of the more worthwhile celebrations.

BastardChris > bbblackwell
Meant to thank for your elaboration but wasn’t sure how to respond meaningfully. Regarding:

“my dog suffers most on the fourth of July, which if not for the utter hypocrisy, would be one of the more worthwhile celebrations.”

I’m slightly confused. Even if the hypocrisy were diminished… the slavery (lack of indepedence) presumably still remains (or you would have said if not for “slavery”). Perhaps it is a great thing if enslaved recognized their enslavement. But is that what you meant?

bbblackwell > BastardChris
Inspired by a desire for brevity, I intended for the single word “hypocrisy” to stand for all (though it did not escape my notice that it’s not particularly apt to do so).

Celebrating freedom while supporting slavery (most notably via government and carnism) is ludicrous; but of course it would not do to solve this hypocrisy by celebrating slavery explicitly Hahaha

It would also not do to cease the celebration entirely. I would like to see the celebration’s key concept brought into alignment with the thoughts/emotions/actions of the people. I would also like to see it celebrated generally, at all times, at every mention and reminiscence, rather than on a single calendar date and forgotten about the rest of the time.

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