Is Natural Law Man-made?

The following conversation took place at my Discord server.

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Natural law is also man made

Anarcraft > Benzzzy
confirmed observations of reality can indicate “natural laws” but even those are interpreted by man

Benzzzy > Anarcraft
So man made. Whitout us there would be no basis for a natural law to be interpented

According to Passio, Natural Law is a science. Would it be fair to say that science is also man-made? Or, perhaps it’s always been there and was discovered by man.

Benzzzy > ⒶMP3083
It’s the observation about the nature of humans

ⒶMP3083 > Benzzzy
Natural Law is the observation about the nature of humans?

Benzzzy > ⒶMP3083
Idfk. I skimmed the damn wiki page Lmao

ⒶMP3083 > Benzzzy
I mean yeah, it is an observation, as is a lot of other things, but it’s more than just that.

Abdul > Benzzzy
“Natural law is also man made”

There will always be human bias because that’s the perspective we’re all viewing from in this life. But with natural/metaphysical laws, the point of them is that they exist regardless of whether humans recognise them or not. When we come to understand that which already exists as best as possible, we become more able to navigate our lives and societies as best as possible.

All human bias/perceptions are man made, but beyond that, we obviously have nothing to do with the creation of natural phenomena. Even physical laws for example are not man made e.g. are the forces of gravity man made? What about all the other natural forces? Is the Earth itself man made? Of course not, if anything, the human is Earth made, and gravity too is Earth made (for the most part).

And then there are bodies which are greater than the Earth which need to be accounted for, and so on, until you reach the entirely of the universe/multiverse/all of creation.

So no, natural law isn’t man made, it’s universe made (or God made if you prefer). However, our interpretation of natural law is 100% man made (and the same applies for any other human based interpretations).

ⒶMP3083 > Abdul
“When we come to understand that which already exists as best as possible, we become more able to navigate our lives and societies as best as possible.”

As in the case of the Vietnamese Tarzan. When asked if killing people is bad (at 9:22): , he says it’s bad, yet he will hit children really hard with a stick just for being noisy, and would even stab someone with a knife when told to by his brother. He doesn’t have a deeper understanding of morality, yet the bad has been acknowledged. His own brother says he’s like a child. Similarly, that is the case with the mind of a statist.

If there’s no humans then there’s no need for those laws to exist. Or at least another spieces that has the intellect to think about the need to determine natural law

Abdul > Benzzzy
So long as anything at all exists, there is a natural law governing its existence.

Abdul > ⒶMP3083
The thing about understanding morality is that no matter how deep of an understanding you have, that has no bearing at all on whether you will actually be moral (by your actual behaviours).

Many of the satanists/psychopaths of this world are intelligent enough to know that something is immoral, but they’ll do it anyway, because they don’t care—they don’t have a heart, they no longer have a conscience.

This kind of behaviour and attitude has negative consequences for everyone, especially if it’s practised in the aggregate. And it doesn’t even have to be regarding something incredibly evil, it could simply be something as benign as “voting”, but we all know here what the implications of that are, and that has moral significance—which leads to real life consequence.

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