The Best Piece of Life Advice I Learned

This advice came directly from Marshall Rosenberg — psychologist, speaker, author and founder of Non-Violent Communication (NVC).

ONLY do things for other people if you can do it with the joy of a little child feeding a hungry duck.

Do not do things for other people…

1) …if there is any taint of fear of punishment if you don’t do it,
2) …if you will feel guilty if you don’t do it,
3) …if you will feel shameful if you don’t do it, and
4) …certainly do not do anything for others out of any sense of duty or obligation.

If you would like to watch workshops of NVC, there are countless videos you can find at my Bitchute. Use the search function on your device and type “Marshall Rosenberg” in the search box, then ENTER.

Here are links to FREE PDF copies of his books (it will open in a new tab). When the page opens, click on “GET” to download.

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