A “Sovereign Asshole” Asserts His Dominance In An Anarchist Server

This is a transcript of a discussion from my Discord server.

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Sovereign Man
If you:
Have a state ID
Work to pay taxes
Abide by man made tyrannical laws
Require permits/ licences/ documentation from government to do something

Then you’re NOT an anarchist… Cause you’re under their authority… Anarchy = no leaders/ no rulers

Very few who claim they’re anarchists are actually anarchists… Talk is cheap, hence why actions speak louder than words…

ⒶMP3083 > Sovereign Man
I have a state ID, a license and some state documents. Yes, I’m guilty on those two counts. Not sure what accounts for “abiding man-made tyrannical laws”. I only obey Nature. But at any rate, given our/my current environment or situation, it’s close to impossible living without any of these documents. I’d have to be a freaking hermit, living in the mountains or an island, homesteading to do away with these things. Which is actually my dream.

Sovereign Man > ⒶMP3083
Then you belong to the state and under that authority… Therefore under a leader/ ruler amd by definition, NOT an anarchist…

The things you listed above are the things I was born and raised in, and now I’m “stuck” with them. I never voluntarily consented to any of it. I don’t disagree with anything you said so far. It’s your opinion that I’m not an anarchist. I don’t disagree with that either.

Sovereign Man
You can cancel at any time… That is, if you WANT too… Most dont want too. They like paying for their blind enslavement. They cant fathom life any other way. Are there any real anarchists in this server? Or is it full of wannabes/ posers claiming to be anarchists but also give their consent to the state?

I guess you would have to ask some members. Are you a real anarchist?

Sovereign Man
I’m a sovereign man… No ID… No government contracts… Hell, I even invoked my own Christopher Columbus (2.0) on the dirt (land) I built my shelter on… I’m even willing to die for moral ethics rather than to bow down to tyrants… I’m my own boss… I constructed my own clock… Anarchy and sovereign go hand in hand… You can preach anarchy all day long but if you dont practice it then you’re just a lil wannabe bitch slave to the system…

In your view, am I statist?

Sovereign Man
You already declared you have a state ID… That alone bounds you to the state… Your strawman signature is what they need…

“Amps stateless server of 99% wannabe anarchists that are bound to the state” should be the name of server…

You cant be bound to the state and claim anarchy, FFS.

A few asshole comments later from “Sovereign Man”…

You can stay in my server, as long as you desist from harassing members, calling them posers or any other names. Seems like you don’t like “posers” here, so why continue to stay? Yes, Darth told me he invited you. Sorry to disappoint your expectations, but many of us here still live in society, which is likely to mean that we do have government documents.

Sovereign Man
I too live in society… Yet I don’t abide by man made laws… You want thise contracts cause you cant fathom life without your enslavement… Do you know what i meant by “your strawman signature”?

“You want thise contracts cause you cant fathom life without your enslavement”

Ok, now you’re just putting words in my mouth. There’s no discussion between you and me. We’re done!

I tried to PM you but seems I’m unable to. So I’ll say it here. I don’t want you on my server anymore. Thanks for stopping by. You may say something before you leave, but I want you out in the next 10 minutes.

Sovereign Man
Lmao what lol bitch… Oeobed him to be a fucktard wannabe anarchists ams he cant have gis b.s. being called out.. All good i have my scareen shots, ya wannabe… Enjoy your state contract, posers…

Explains your “strawman signature” that you’re unaware of, btw…

Feel free to ignore it and claim a blind victory cause you don’t like your b.s. lies being called out, posers…

Not gimna have some random bitch kick ke from his hipocrit server full of wannabes bound by the state, as they claim “ANARCHY”… You’re all controlled opposition.

Juan Galt Legal Bad Ass > ⒶMP3083
From the video he linked, it is clear that he is a sov cit who is into pseudo-law. If he uses that BS, he is not as sovereign as he thinks.

ⒶMP3083 > Juan Galt Legal Bad Ass
He says he lives in society and claims (or presumably) has no government documents. I would’ve asked questions but I don’t think that would’ve went well.

Juan Galt Legal Bad Ass
I guarantee he has a govt birth certificate filed somewhere as well as a social security account. He would have given you a bunch of “legal” gibberish had you asked.

Damn, what did I miss lol.

This dude was being way too toxic. Even if he is living like a true “anarchist”, it’s irrelevant if you’re just a shitty human being that can’t get along with anyone (even most statists aren’t this toxic and obnoxious). Instead of pulling others up to help out other “wannabe anarchists”, he shits on everyone instead and thinks he is the better man. There’s a deep ego problem going on there from what I can see. It’s not enough to be anarchist/freedom minded, you gotta have good character too (morals).

bbblackwell > Sovereign Man
Cut the bullshit; you’re just as much subject to criminal organizations ruling the world as anyone else. Feeble attempts to buy yourself a little wiggle room ain’t changing anything.

Anarchism isn’t even a thing. Justified slavery, and statism in particular, is religious belief. If you don’t believe in it, then you’re called an anarchist. Someone giving in to coercion doesn’t mean they believe in the religion deeming it appropriate, and railing against it alone isn’t going to help.

Abolishing false belief systems on a massive scale is the only fix. Whatever little escape hacks you devise along the way to that end are fairly inconsequential.

DⒶrth Ted > bbblackwell
Already booted.

Oh hahahaha. That’s too bad. Maybe he or we could have learned something.

DⒶrth Ted
Doubtful. He had a terrible attitude. I suspect if you tried to agree with him, he’d find a reason to call you a name.

Darth is right. People like “Sovereign Man” have come and gone in here. Your comment made me think that, in his mind, perhaps unaware to him, that he may be utilizing “anarchism” as a religion.

Also, we’ve discussed this somewhere before, but anarchism is simply the natural order of things. It doesn’t matter if there’s a group of people claiming to rule over us. Until their claims have an actual impact on our lives, we are all under anarchism (in freedom) by default.

Imo if you go out for a jog and nobody bothers you throughout the whole thing, you’re pretty much living like a true anarchist. As soon you go to work and are obligated to pay your taxes, now you are living under statism etc.

For someone to completely avoid anything statism in this day and age, they would have to live like a hermit. Somehow I doubt this guy is living like that, and even if is, it makes sense since he clearly can’t get along with anybody lol.

Also, there must be a distinction between those who despise the concept of a government and those who love it—even if they both live under the same system. The simple distinction is that the former are voluntarists/anarchists and the latter are statists. Those are two ends of the spectrum: freedom minded/oriented people or master/slave minded sheep (any other political label essentially falls somewhere between that spectrum).

At the end of the day it’s just a label used to convey meaning. This guy was taking the label way too seriously, kinda like a religious person (aka kinda like a statist lol). A true anarchist in my mind doesn’t force or compel others to live a certain way, a true anarchist simply wishes to be left alone so they can live freely however they wish.

Statists are the ones that impose their beliefs, and this guy imo was very imposing.

Anarchists are atheists relative to statism. Some are true atheists, withholding belief, seeing no evidence of valid authority, and others have their own religion of rebellion, despising the state, but holding other unfounded beliefs, like man’s rightful dominion over animals, or the validity/invalidity of property based upon a capitalist or communist ideology.

“Sovereign citizens” are just nerds who haven’t yet figured out that you can’t reason with a bully.

Abdul > bbblackwell
“Anarchists are atheists relative to statism.”

Wow you just breathed new light into that word for me. I need to think about this some more.

I’ll be honest, I kinda hate the word “athiest”, mostly because I find that those who strongly identify with it are arrogantly ignorant, and are often amoral and hypocritical. From my experience, most of them are the biggest statists of them all (since they don’t believe in God’s authority, they double down on man’s authority).

But yes, relative to statism (man’s authority) I am a complete athiest—I do not believe man’s authority to be any more valid than any other man’s authority (and is certainly not more valid to that of God/nature).

However, I find disbelief to be a non-position. Anyone can claim to disbelieve in God for example, but it does not tell us what they do believe in. And what do most atheists believe in? Their own big egos, the state, and government funded “science” (aka man’s authority).

bbblackwell > Abdul
I’m right there with ya. I’ve had the same experience, generally, but I have met a few atheists who were just like, ”I’m not saying anything about what is or isn’t, I just don’t currently see sufficient evidence to assert the existence of God.”

These few had no axe to grind. In fact, the whole topic seemed rather like an afterthought that they could hardly care less about. Big departure from the atheist crusaders that vocally represent the position.

It’s sort of the same reason most people hate vegans—because of an obnoxious superiority that smacks of a hypocrisy that can be felt, if not thoroughly understood.

I still think atheists are negligent in their duties to investigate earnestly, and even the less abrasive ones that I’ve met have all been either statist (typically liberal), or hardcore ancap or ancom who didn’t want to hear anything about the deeper wisdom that founds true anarchy.

They’ve all shared a certain closed-mindedness, despite most wearing “science” like a badge of superiority. That ain’t no kinda real science. In my estimation, most of them are just looking for a gang to join, and a target to project their self-loathing upon.

Abdul > bbblackwell
“They’ve all share a certain closed-mindedness, despite most wearing “science” like a badge of superiority. That ain’t no kinda real science. In my estimation, most of them are just looking for a gang to join, and a target to project their self-loathing upon.”

You summed it up pretty nicely there. In short, it’s yet another cult, a cult that doesn’t recognize or acknowledge itself as such, but has all the attributes of one (especially with those atheist crusaders).

I think the root issue of it all is imposition. Imo that’s the core issue with most atheists, theists, vegans, ancaps, ancoms, liberals, statists etc. Else why would there be any hate? The hate arises when someone is trying to force something on you, whether it be an idea, a diet, a pronoun, a lifestyle, taxation, or what have you. The truth don’t need to be imposed.

That and sometimes someone’s head is so full of lies and falsities, where does one even begin trying to have an earnest conversation?

bbblackwell > Abdul
The sovereign man was giving us the true scotsman treatment because he’s stuck on one little idea—resisting the “legal fiction” through asserting technicalities within it.

As far as I’m concerned, whether you’re fighting for something or against it, you’re still supporting it (I’ve been heartily guilty of this). Only transitioning attention to its opposite can disperse any evil.

The term “anarchist” describes a lack of belief, regardless of what you actually do. To be a “true anarchist in action”, the next time a cop stops you, you’ll avoid his assertion of power by any means, including mortal combat.

If Mr. Sovereign ain’t doing that, he’s submitting like the rest of us. Babbling a bunch of reverse-legal vocal noises don’t make you hardcore.

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